Level up your brain

- Increase your memory
- improve your attention
- Train your logic
- Stimulate your reactions
- Master your coordination

... while playing!

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How does it work?

1. Select a train session

Each train session is made up of different games.

2. Play the games

Specially designed to help you improve you cognitive skills.

3. Check the stats

Keep track of your progress and keep motivated.

Train while playing

Games designed to upgrade your abilities while having fun

  • 2d & 3d games that adapt to you.
  • Level of dificulty adjusts to your skills. Everyone can play.
  • Score more points as the difficulty increases.
  • Constantly creating new and fun challenges.

Track your progress

Check the different graphics to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. See how you improve over time.

The games have been specially designed to help you improve each skill. Choose your favourite game from each category separately, or use the train sessions.

Some things to consider

Yes, Headway is a free app. You can play games and check the stats without interruption. The app does not contain any ads.

We offer a subscription service, Headway Pro, with more games and features.
We all know te benefits of physical exercise on our health and body. So why not start doing the same with our brain? A healthy brain has short-term and long-term advantages.
If you want to improve your cognitive skills... yes!

Headway adapts to everyone, no matter age, mental skill or situation, the games will keep track of your level and help you improve from that point onwards.

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